2012 Road Trip, Part 1: The Idea

I really had no idea what I was in for. I still don’t think I have quite grasped what happened, yet.

Back in November of 2011, there was a brief clip on CNN about how the economy had hit Vegas pretty hard. David announced that day that he’d like to go to Vegas. For Spring Break.

Ok. Why not?

So being the “planner” that I am, I started making lists. (Yes, lists. I’m a list-maker. David pokes fun at me for this, but on several occasions my lists have come in handy, so now he pokes less fun at me for them.)

I already knew I wanted to see Bodies: The Exhibition while we were in Vegas. Being a medical enthusiast, how could I be in Vegas and NOT see it?!? I’d seen a knock-off one in Louisville, and a traveling one that was in Indianapolis, but the one in Vegas was a permanent exhibit and therefore bigger than the others. It was at the top of my list, along with Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit. I remember reading several books about the Titanic as a kid, and with this year being the 100th anniversary of the tragedy, I had to see it. Luckily for me, David is a history buff too, so he was pretty excited about seeing it as well. We had talked before about going to Vegas to see either a few Cirque du Soleil shows, or Bill Cosby if he was still touring, or Penn & Teller. I had a feeling this would be an expensive trip, so I was glad to have several months to plan and save up!

Luckily, I found a much cheaper option! Luxor hotel (which houses Bodies, Titanic, and it’s own Cirque du Soliel magic show) offers an all-inclusive package, including hotel room, all meals, tickets for two to each of the three shows I just mentioned, two VIP spa passes, and more for much cheaper than if we had done them separately. So after discussing it with David, we booked our vacation. Not only was I excited for a break from work and getting to travel farther west than I’ve ever been before, it wouldn’t break the bank either.  I was one happy girl!

The next item on my To Do list was find an airline. I searched several different companies and even looked at price differences between Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville departures. I wasn’t very happy with any of the options I found, so I kept putting it off and returning to it periodically.

Three weeks before we planned to leave, I asked David if he had any suggestions on what to do about an airline. Much to my surprise, he said,

“What about a road trip?”

My response: “That would be awesome!”

He says he was surprised at my reaction. I don’t see how, since we had been talking about taking a three week long road trip honeymoon for over a year, that just never really materialized with moving, new jobs, new schools… so sure! Road trip!!!! =D


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