Looking for the Positives

As I sat down to try to write a post, the first words to cross my mind were, “well, it’s been another rough week…” and to tell the truth, it depressed me just thinking about it.

I am eagerly hoping for a day where I can write “well, it’s been an easy week…”, or even better (dare I even think it?) “well, it’s been a fun week…”

But I digress.

A friend recently challenged me to look for the positives. After having spent an entire year making a “Thankful” chart, I can’t believe I am needing to be reminded to look for positives… again. (Granted, this time last year I was in the Caribbean with my soon-to-be husband, planning a wedding… was there anything I didn’t see through rose-tinted glasses??)

So, here I go: What are the positives?

I know that God would not give me a challenge that I couldn’t handle. I know He has a plan for me that would blow my mind if I knew what it was. I know without a doubt that he is training me for something far greater that is on the horizon.

I have no idea what it could be. Not a single, solitary clue.

But here’s what I do know:

  1. I’m learning how to think through problems on my own.
  2. I am learning to trust my gut instincts.
  3. I’m learning to remain calm through emergencies.
  4. I’m learning that even I (yes, that’s right, self) have limitations.
  5. I’m learning to use the word “No.”
  6. I am gradually losing whatever is left of the shy, quiet small-town girl I used to be. (Thank goodness??)

Would I be able to learn these lessons on my own when things are just peachy-keen? Maybe not. Or, maybe not as quickly.

But what on Earth could God be trying to prepare me for next?

One of my favorite quotes (I’ve probably used it before):

“We could never learn to be brave or patient if there were only joys in the world.” ~Helen Keller

It’s one of my favorites because it is exactly, essentially, fundamentally correct. If nothing ever went wrong, would I have my problem-solving skills? Would I be as flexible? Would I be able to see things from multiple angles all at once?

I know that I would not be the same person with the same goals, aspirations, hopes, and dreams that I am right now if I hadn’t suffered something during my life. (And, of course, having a multitude of genuine, loving, awesome people behind me every step of the way has helped tremendously.)

So now that I have seen some of the positives, all I can do is do what I can to make sure tomorrow is overflowing with positives.

Have you ever seen the movie Pursuit of Happyness? The kid tells his dad this joke: A man was drowning in the water so he prayed to God, “God, save me!” Three ships pass by, asking if he needs help. His reply is, “No, God will save me.” The man drowns. When he meets God, he asks, “Why didn’t you save me?” To which God replied, “I sent you three ships, you dummy!”

So yes, you can pray for help and answers… but it doesn’t mean it won’t take some work on your end!

My prayer for today is that God shows me which direction is the right one, so that I may do my fair share to complete His Will.

With that thought in mind, how could today be a bad day?


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