A Peaceful Sunday Morning

On one of my two days to sleep in, I find myself awake at 7am. The peacefulness and stillness of the morning is well worth getting my behind out of bed to enjoy.

In the hour or so that I’ve been awake, I’ve read a few chapters of Eat Pray Love (a book I bought for one penny since the reviews were horrible; it’s actually not nearly as bad as the reviews warned), read in my Bible, did a light workout, and started breakfast.

I closed our bedroom door so I wouldn’t wake David, who is still snoozing. I usually turn on the news on the weekend mornings, but since this is an election year and CNN is driving me bonkers, if I watch the news at all, I’ll watch the BBC (far better news coverage anyway). This morning, though, is just too beautiful in it’s quietness to ruin with such things.

The warm, golden sunlight coming in the balcony windows is so nice, I chose not to adulterate it with man-made light as I made breakfast. Geese and songbirds are gracing the air with their melodies, the air is cool and fresh, and the stillness is touching my soul this morning.

I need mornings like this every day!

When I still lived at home, I was spoiled by my mom and Grandma with big weekend breakfasts. Biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage, fried taters, fruit of all sorts, eggs, sometimes even pancakes or waffles…. absolutely spoiled rotten. Now I get to do the same for David. (He doesn’t seem to mind!) Today’s breakfast will consist of whatever I found in my fridge and pantry (since we need to go to the grocery), so it looks like fried taters, sausage (maybe with gravy!), scrambled eggs, and grapes. Yum!!! (And now, after sampling my gravy, it’s clear we each need a biscuit!)

I thought about going ahead and starting on some laundry or running the dishwasher; the peacefulness is far to glorious to ruin with noise just yet.

In all honesty, I think I am still reeling with happiness from yesterday. With all of the stress and rough weeks I’ve had lately, it has be SO nice to have a relaxing weekend with nothing really planned, other than a wedding.

Yesterday was such a blessing, it wasn’t hard to come up with some “positives.” It truly was a great day. I was able to go get a massage, which has completely taken care of the shoulder pain I’ve been having for three weeks; we saw one of my closest friends, Kayla, for lunch, which may very well be the last time I see her before my “nephew” Garon is born; spent some time with my Grandma and gave her her belated Mother’s Day present; left mom’s Mother’s Day gift for her to find when she gets back from vacation; spent time with my church wedding at a very beautiful wedding of two of our young members; got to chat with one of my high school basketball coaches; and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the drive up home.

All of this comprises a day that I truly needed, to get my mind off of things that have been plaguing me for quite some time.

It’s hard to imagine that a year ago, we were heading home from our first Caribbean cruise, the wedding was around two months away, we had just signed a lease on our first place and were planning when to paint and beginning to move things in. WOW how time flies. It has been a very good first year of marriage, so far, and I am beyond excited for things coming our way.

Tomorrow is sure to be a long, busy day. Three important phone calls before 8am; a smattering of experiments; data to process before our lab meeting on Wednesday; and VistaCare In-Service before I can head home. But the worries of tomorrow have no business intruding on today. I do not yet know what today will bring. Maybe I’ll talk David into a walk in the park. Maybe I’ll get some work done on my manuscripts. Maybe I’ll get some other stuff done to secure our future. I might go see my patient. Maybe I’ll finish a book. Whatever today brings, I am so very thankful that my loving God has given me this life and all of our blessings; and I’m hoping the stresses and responsibilities of this week do not steal my newfound happiness and peace of this morning.


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