Finally, a Truly Great Day!

Thursday was exactly what I needed, after having so many rough days and weeks in a row.

Every once in awhile, you get to meet someone who blows you away. I’ve had the privilege to meet several of these people in my lifetime, usually through school or research. I’ve had the luck to meet some of the greats in a multitude of fields, and it’s exhilarating to hear them just speak about their lives, their experiences… I think I’ve learned the most from them outside of a classroom or a lab. If you can ever catch a philosopher in a bar after a couple of drinks, or a leading neuropsychologist in a Mexican restaurant, a nationally-recognized breast cancer oncologist on his lunch break (why do they always revolve around food???) or an up-and-coming pharm/tox professor as he’s starting a new lab…. watch out! Those are the best conversations, and usually where I learn the most.

Today I was blown away by a new acquaintance. In less than an hour, he knew me better than some of my friends I’ve had for years, mostly from things he assumed. Hearing someone else, even an almost-complete stranger, say good things about the work I do, from actual work to things I like to do in my free time, really made my day. It was wonderful just hearing some good things for a change. My best friend Carrie tells me these things all the time (and so does David), but to know that I’ve had an impact on someone else really made me feel good and gave me a new perspective on the day.

Let’s hope these good days keep rolling in!


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