Home Sweet Home

The holiday weekend spent at home was wonderful. I did not want to come back into work today.

It’s been so long since we’ve just been able to stay home. After I finished my Sunday Anatomy class, the following weekend (Mother’s Day), my family was on vacation so we didn’t see them, and they came back late the following weekend… so this was our first actual weekend home where we got to spend some real time together and didn’t have to be in a rush.

One of the most important things I realized on this three-day weekend home:

I am sick of apartment living.

A year ago, I was so excited to be moving into our first place and getting to make our own little home for ourselves. We chose an apartment since we both wanted to move north for work and school but didn’t really know much about where we were moving to… we figured if we had an apartment, we could figure out what area of town (or out of town) we liked best, and then we could find a different apartment (or even a house) and move once we got our feet wet and figured out our way around Indy. It seemed like a pretty smart move at the time.

I’m not so much of a fan of it anymore.

We have noisy (and nosey) neighbors. (I’m convinced the hippies downstairs are trafficking children. Long story.) Neighbors that leave their full trash bags in front of their door for days at a time, so long in fact that the bags leak and then mold. It’s disgusting. Not to mention I’m not thrilled about paying a good chunk in rent that isn’t going toward equity we could use later. I really don’t like not having a garage, especially during the winter months.

But probably the biggest thing I’m finding that I don’t like about apartment living is that nothing seems permanent. Yes, I’m a neat freak, and every thing has its place. Here, it doesn’t. Everything has a temporary place, so I don’t really care about it so much. Maybe I’m just nesting, but I want something with more permanence.

There are plenty of little things that just bug me, as I’m sure most renters experience. Apparently this end of town is notorious for hard water (wish we’d have known that sooner!). I wish we could have picked out our own appliances; these are not to my standards, but they’re not mine to keep. The kitchen does NOT have nearly the amount of counter space that I would like, especially if I get into a baking or food experimentation mood.

I’m sure those are all common complaints of renters. These little things have been bugging me for awhile, but I didn’t really realize how much I didn’t like apartment living until I bounded out of mom and dad’s house on Saturday morning. Like I’d done a million times before, I ran outside to the garage to get something when it hit me. I miss our big back porch, the quietness of living away from a city, having neighbors that I liked, having a good bit of land (and privacy!!), being able to lay outside  at night and spend hours gazing at the stars (no light pollution from the city!), having things built to suit our needs, and (and this will seem absurd to most readers, I’m sure) our daylilies. Oh my goodness, the daylilies have went crazy with this early summer weather and are taking over. Daylilies are my favorite (I get that from my momma), and they are everywhere! The colors are beyond description and they smell so good! Mom also has all of my “Orange Allie’s”, my little experiment/creation for the 8th grade science project, the result of a cross between single reds and double yellows. My flowers.  I love, love, love being outside taking care of our daylilies every summer. They make beautiful bouquets to bring into the house, and to me they justscreamsummer, sunshine, and happiness. Granted, I have my orchid Antigone, who is a monster, but my daylilies are my babies and I miss them.

I cannot wait til we have our own house. Where things will be OURS, to our tastes, a real place to call home. I do not have delusions of our first house being a daydream-reincarnate perfect home; right now I’d love a little place with a bit more space (and maybe a third bedroom for little Baby Lyle!) and a bit more permanence. I am longing for this, but I know good things come to those who wait. I know God will lead us where we need to be, first, before we find our first house to begin our new adventures there.

I am hoping that this week brings a miracle and that some things will change. There are some good things coming for us, and hopefully I’ll be able to share that good news in a few months. 😉 I’m hoping that these good things outline our futures with more definite features so that we can take the next steps towards having a more permanent home and direction. I don’t pretend to know what the next adventures in our lives will be, but I’m hoping that this year brings more of the things we’ve been working hard toward so that we can make these wants and wishes reality.


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