A Time for Change

This past weekend was pretty relaxing. We did run down home to run errands, but for the most part, we didn’t really have a booked weekend (and it was so nice!).

I love times where I actually get to focus and breathe, and not be rushed. It’s been quite nice to have a whole weekend to not be rushed.

But alas, it’s Monday. I’m not really ready to hit the ground running, as this week will undoubtedly be as hectic as every other week. Most things are easier said than done, and today is no exception: I refuse to be stressed this week. I’ve had enough. Lord knows how high my cortisol levels have been for the past year, or what damage it’s done to my internal organs, let alone on my mental health. So I have decided, yet again, that I’m getting the stress out of my life, especially my work life. We’ll see how long it lasts this time around. It may not be long, but I am literally sick of always rushing, always being behind, always taking on more than one person should, and still be harassed for increased output. Enough is enough. I’m tired of being overworked and grouchy, so it’s time I put an end to it.

My husband probably knows better than anyone what affect this has had on my health. Since moving up here, I’ve had three migraines, when I’d only ever had one before moving. I’ve put on a little weight from going home and crashing from exhaustion, and not getting in any outside exercise. So today I’m starting a new schedule, whether anyone likes it or not, for my own health and sanity. Today I begin the Couch to 5K program; I could probably already do a 5K if I tried, but I needed a schedule, so that’s the one I’ve chosen. Today I also go back to drinking only water (with the exception of some milk and juice, mainly for breakfast) instead of whatever I can grab that’s quick, which is usually something totally unhealthy.

I know I’ve said and thought this before, and nothing changed. This time has to be different.

Change will only occur if I do something about it myself. Why waste another day?


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