I’m used to being busy. Usually, “busy” for me means running at breakneck speed until I finally crash–usually on the couch. And it’s more like a blackout than a crash… so that the next morning, I don’t even remember how I wound up in such a mess.

The past two weeks have not been an exception. If it’s not one thing, it’s several others. There has been no “me” time, no time to relax…. constantly going from one thing to the next. In all honesty, I’ve felt like I’ve done nothing but watch the clock for the past two weeks. “At one I need to do X…. at two I need to do Y….”…. you get the picture.

Have you ever walked on an escalator at an airport, and when you get to the end it feels like you hit a brick wall, since your momentum changes so abruptly? That was me on Saturday afternoon. After months of work, it all came to a screeching halt. The BSE is over. I have my life (and my mind/sanity) back!

And even then, we were still running. I thought David and I would just crash at home for the weekend once the BSE was done. Nope. We stopped at home to pack a night’s worth of clothing and headed south. (David drove, thank goodness. I was SO loopy….)

First stop was one of the two Homearama sites for the year. One of our little hobbies is going to the home shows in the spring and summer. I love “home shopping”… not that we’re in the market for one at the moment, but just to get an idea for how we want to build our dream home. Most of them are gorgeous, over-the-top luxurious, and much more than we would ever need, but I’m always disappointed in the kitchen. I can tell it’s a sign of the times that people who make that kind of money have no interest in cooking their own meals. This makes me extremely sad. One of the best parts of growing up was having good, home-cooked meals.

But I digress.

We then went home to my Mom & Dad’s to crash. I love that place. I think I love it more now, after living a year in an apartment next to disgusting neighbors that are too close, not having a yard, not being able to go outside and sit on the swing on the porch… Apartment living is just not for me, but for now it serves its purpose.

The next morning we were off to church, then had lunch at Mike Linnig’s in Louisville (the best fish place around, hands down!), before we hit the second Homearama site before heading home.

I think we both pretty much just melted when we got home. We really needed to make a list and hit the grocery, but I wasn’t even close to having the motivation to do that.

Maybe it was because I’d had a three day weekend and had taken the morning slow, or because I was so relieved that the BSE was over, but Monday just felt like it was going to be a good day. I don’t know how else to explain it. Somehow, I just knew.

It just so happened that before noon, I was already stressed-out, frustrated, and just wanted to go home. So I did what I always do. I spoke to God. “God, could you please……..?”  And that’s when he worked one of his little miracles. Funny how sometimes all we have to do is ask, right? To be honest, that’s not the first time this month He’s intervened in ways to make sure it caught my attention. I pretty much danced my Happy Dance all over the lab for the rest of the day, without much care as to if someone saw me. No one was going to rain on my parade!

I just knew it was going to be a great month!

Even though things have decelerated a bit, there’s still several things to look forward to this month, including our first wedding anniversary on the 23rd and our first 5k on the 28th!

Life is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Even if there are days where I’d rather stay in bed. =)


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