2012 Road Trip, Part 3: Boring Married Couple

A few days after the wedding, I was informed by a friend that I was already an old, boring married person.

Gee, thanks.

One reason I think David and I get along so well is because we have the same mannerisms. We both have always been better friends with those older than ourselves, and have demonstrated maturity beyond our age. This trip proved to be no exception.

When we finally arrived to our destination (Luxor, in the “Fabulous Las Vegas”), all I wanted to do was turn around and explore more of the desert and mountains. I’d choose God’s own creation over man’s any day. However, since the main point of the trip was to visit Vegas and see what there was to see, we continued.


The hotel was really nice. The pools weren’t open yet, as it was only mid-March, but the casinos and restaurants inside were booming. I’m not sure how long we stood in line, just to check in. The line itself snaked back and forth for quite a ways before we even got in line. I wound up bringing several books for our vacation (Surprising? Nope!), so my bags were a little heavy but I didn’t mind the wait. There was plenty to take in while we stood in line. The number of people there was just amazing. I’m not one for crowds, but it was worth it.


There were a few things we specifically wanted to see while we were there:

The Titanic Exhibit: This year was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and really there was no better time to see this exhibit. I’ve been interested in historical artifacts since the third grade (We studied the Titanic, Pompeii, and went to Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home that year; guess which three things I have loved ever since? Is it a wonder Joann Wright was my favorite teacher ever??). David is also a history buff, so we knew this exhibit would be on our agenda during our stay. Oh my goodness, SO WORTH IT!!! As you go into the exhibit, the attendant hands you a card with a person’s name on it, and at the end you get to see if they survived. Each room has artifacts, including pictures and stories of people aboard the ship. One room is even made to look like the deck, next to a whopping piece of real ice. One of the last rooms has the lights dimmed, so it’s really dark and tinted a dark blue; that is where the giant piece of the Titanic is held, and it took my breath away. There is also a short video being played on the opposite wall that shows how they managed to drag it up from the bottom of the sea; on the first attempt, they dropped it and then had to go get it again. Being that close to a piece of history was amazing. I’d definitely go see it again if I had the chance. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Bodies: The Exhibition: I absolutely love this exhibit. This was my third time, and yes, it is different every time! Since I had an Anatomy exam on the day after we got home, I even got to use the exhibition as a study tool! I think David was less than thrilled; I know the full human skin freaked him out. The conjoined twin babies were my favorite, but I have lots of favorites. Since my anatomy exam was going to cover all the muscles, I spent a long time in that section of the exhibit. There were a lot of small children (under age 10) present; I don’t think I would take my own children at that age yet, but the ones that were there did not seem frightened and were quite well-behaved.

One morning we got up early to walk the strip. During this time of day, the aftermath of the night before has been swept away, and everything looks bright and shiny. We walked at least two miles before turning around to come back to our hotel room. On this one section, you take an escalator/staircase up and over the street to go across to the other side; on those stairs, we saw some kids sitting, stoned, with a sign that read “money is for pot”. I couldn’t help but laugh. (At least they were being honest?) On our way back to the hotel, we decided we came at a great time; all of the crazies were hitting the strip as we entered our hotel again.

Hoover Dam: This was David’s idea. Since he suffered through Bodies with me, I thought it was a fair trade that we saw something he was excited about too. I didn’t even think about the Hoover Dam when we were planning this trip–whoops. It was actually a really nice little jaunt outside of the city. I wasn’t planning on taking the full tour, but we wound up doing that and it was very informational. These man-made structures are pretty impressive. We were among the few of the young couples here, and the youngest that stayed for the diorama presentation at the very, very end. The only hiccup: as we were leaving, we had to take a long detour since Mr. President himself was visiting some other NV town. This was a very good little trip, and I highly recommend it.


Along with our package, we also got tickets to the Criss Angel magic show. It was pretty neat. Our original seats were way up in the nosebleed section, but one of the concierges grabbed us before the show and brought us down pretty close. And of course, we couldn’t go to Vegas without dropping into Gold and Silver Pawn, starring on the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars.” (Pictured: Super Bowl rings in the display case.)


There were a few things that we didn’t get to see while we were there that I hope we get to see on our next trip to Vegas: Cirque du Soleil’s “O”, David Copperfield, and the Bellagio fountains. I was kind of hoping that we’d get up early one morning and drive out to the NV/CA border, just so I could mark off another state from my list on this trip. Oh well. Better save CA for the Pacific Coast road trip I want to plan.

What strikes me as funny is that we left the hotel with all of our free drink tickets. (I think they are still in the bag with mementos from our trip for me to make a shadow box with, actually.) I don’t mind the occasional glass of wine or margarita, but drinking just isn’t our thing and never has been. Old? No. Boring? Maybe to some. But we did have a great time making memories together, and that’s all that matters.

(This post has been a long time coming; I finally uploaded pictures!)


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