Our Next Road Trip Adventure

Now that it’s officially March, our Rockies/Vegas/Grand Canyon road trip was almost a year ago. It hardly feels like it’s been that long. I am so ready for our next road trip adventure!

This winter has started taking its toll on me. Once the holidays are over, I’m pretty much done with the snow/blizzard/cold temps of winter and start itching for spring. Not to mention, this winter we’ve had several days in negative wind chill temps…not my style, Old Man Winter. I think the biggest eye-opener was this past Monday, when it was actually warm (almost 50 degrees!) and the sunshine was golden. David and I both took off work a bit early so we could walk in the park in the sunshine. I do not remember the last time I was that genuinely happy just to be, and I totally attribute my good mood to the sunshine (yay, Vitamin D!).  I need  more of that! It would be perfectly okay with me if every winter David and I got to go somewhere warm with lots of sunshine for at least a week to soak in some golden rays.

So here I sit, the last full week of February 2013. Daydreaming of a beach, listing to ocean waves on my phone while at work, while it flurries outside. And my good mood has dissipated.

This weekend, I’m hoping to work some more on our trip plans. It’s getting closer now, so it’s time to do some serious planning. I definitely want to see Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring… I absolutely cannot wait!

(Goal to be achieved on this trip: Spending lots of quality time with David before med school. New Goal: Do NOT mention med school, moving, etc. during the entire trip.) In speaking of schools, one starts in mid-July and is jeopardizing our trip plans…. I do not like this at all, but I am determined to get our two week road trip no matter what, as my last bit of defiant freedom before school starts (I can’t even think about it without hearing “A storm is coming, Mr. Wayne,” from the last Batman movie…… or thinking about how this whole med school thing is like my own personal Smaug.)

I’m sure this will sound ridiculously silly, but I cannot wait to get out there to just breathe. When we stopped at the scenic views in Utah, it was so crisp, so quiet, so gorgeous… it bordered on a religious experience. Personally, I felt at peace and so close to God that it was amazing. I wish we would have had more time to enjoy the sights instead of rushing to our intended destination (Vegas). I am so ready to experience that again, and I’m hoping we don’t have to rush this trip this time. To just sit in awe of my surroundings and forget the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life in a flat, noisy, stinky, Midwestern city. The sheer size of these great outdoors was mind-blowing. I am definitely impatient for this summer!

As far as the eye can see...
As far as the eye can see…

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