My Wolowitz Moment

If you haven’t yet seen the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory… I highly recommend it!

Of the four guy friends, all but one has a doctorate. Poor Howard Wolowitz only has a lowly Master’s degree in Engineering. Many jokes are made about his level of competence because of this, and I found myself in the same situation last Friday.

Haven’t seen it? Here is the link:

We were having our weekly meeting with our collaborators. I was the first to arrive to the conference room from my lab, along with the head PI from the other group.

He asked me where I got my PhD. To which I replied with a smile, “I have a Master’s degree!”

(To which the reply is… “Who doesn’t?”)

Oh, it was hilarious. Five of us in the room, and only me with my lowly Master’s degree.

“Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.” ~Anon

T-5 months until I start my doctorate! 😉 And I’m sure there will be plenty of moments for me to laugh at myself along the way!


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