Ferrari, Tesla, and Bentley, Oh My!

We needed a weekend getaway. There comes a time every year where all I want to do is take a short trip. Anything at all to get a bit of a reprieve from work–even though I’d just had a vacation for Christmas and New Year’s. And, I thought David needed a bit of a surprise, too.

My “brilliant” idea: The Detroit Auto show. Why? Because I knew David would love it, and we could both cross Michigan off our list of states, and most importantly, because it would be fun! I already had the trip booked when I got word of my med school interview in Ohio, so we wound up having an extra day for our little trip.


Added bonus: Why not just go back into Canada, simply because we can? Because it’s right there, next to Detroit. We didn’t forget the passports this time. =)

My future car! I love this. Ok, probably more like my future midlife crisis car. And not in white!
A new concept by Toyota. Really cool car!
Hard to see, but signed by Olympian Usain Bolt
This was the car everyone was talking about. It’s an American-made Falcon
Probably my favorite car of the show. Gorgeous!

My goal for this trip was for David to have a good time. I love going on little trips with him, but lately all of our trips have been because of me… I need to go home for this or that, I have an interview, etc…. which just doesn’t seem fair. I knew this would be something he’d be excited to see, so I’m glad it worked out that we could go. The only little hiccup of the trip was that we didn’t get to go into Canada. There were a few parks I thought we could visit to hike in, but they were all closed for the season, and it was cold… so cold in fact that it snowed on our way home the next day, and the wind storm that night knocked out the power all over the area. Canada is proving to be elusive, but at least we were prepared this time, just in case. This was definitely a good time, and I would definitely go again. I’m not even that “into” cars, but this was fun!

This trip made me antsy for our upcoming road trip. First new state of the year: Michigan! More to come in a few more months! =)


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