I Never Win Anything

I never win anything. Ever. (Except for David. I always tell him I won the prize when I met him. 😉 )

Much to my surprise this week, I won a book from The Student Doctor Network, just from taking a survey to see what specialties I should consider. Wouldn’t you know it, the specialty that “fit” me best was pediatrics? =) Anyway, I was selected to win a copy of this new book, How to Choose a Medical Specialty.

My new book!
My new book!

Granted, I’m pretty much set on pediatrics. I know any current medical student or intern/resident/fellow/attending reading this would smirk and tell me that I have no idea what I’m talking about. But, having volunteered and shadowed in so many varied areas, I can honestly say that pediatrics is what excites me the most, and what I really feel drawn to. In particular, I feel most drawn to neonatology–the care of very ill or very premature infants. I have greatly enjoyed my time as a hospice volunteer, and I feel comfortable with bereavement and comforting families and communicating with them–which would come in handy in talking with grieving parents in a NICU. In my graduate program, in bioethics, my favorite topics were how children were affected by health care policy. We also got to shadow a variety of physicians as part of my Clinical Ethics class; the pediatric and neonatal cases were always my favorite, so much so that I am working on publishing my graduate paper in NICU ethics.

Granted, I don’t want to limit myself once it comes to rotations in third year. As far as school goes, I’m going to concentrate on five areas to learn more about them, which may point me in different directions: Oncology, OBGYN, Emergency Med, Palliative Care, and of course, Peds! We will see where that takes me, but I am fairly certain that I will stick with Peds, or some subspecialty of Peds. So far, I’ve already done some digging for information to consider for the future; I’ve found a huge list of summer medical student research opportunities in pediatrics, as well as scoped out all the pediatrics residency programs (ACGME) in the US so I can have a list of prospects to research when the time comes, including joint programs in Peds-Internal Med, Peds-Emergency Med, and Peds-Medical Genetics.

For now, I’ll just stick with this new book. It’s already proving to be informative and useful, with lots of charts, graphs, things to consider while in school, etc. My main goal in school for the first two years will of course be Boards. I’m already scared.

This is one of my favorite cartoons, mostly because it’s true:

The 12 stereotypes of the specialties. From my experience, most of these are spot-on!
The 12 stereotypes of the specialties. From my experience, most of these are spot-on!

http://theunderweardrawer.blogspot.com/2011/03/12-medical-specialty-stereotypes-2011.html is where I found this posted. I totally fit that stereotype. I want a pretty, colored stethoscope (soon to be purchased! and sometimes, scoffed at by some specialties), and I found out that I can actually do an elective rotation at the Gesundheit Institute with Patch Adams’ crew in West Virginia, if I get all my ducks in a row for third/fourth year!

Five months from now, it’ll be the day before classes start. I’m finally starting to get some of my enthusiasm and excitement back. I am praying these last few months are long and slow, filled with lots of time with family and friends before I dive head-first into this all-consuming endeavor. I know God will guide my steps toward the right path. And, thanks to the guys at SDN for choosing me to receive the new resource!


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