Holidays and a Break

This poor draft has been waiting for me to actually finish it. There is just never enough time in the day for me to take a moment and finish all the little stuff I intend to do once I get home. So, here is what I wrote at the beginning of the new year, a full three months ago:

As much as I love my new job, I was so excited for an extended break for Christmas and New Year’s. As it stands, I can usually get in a solid three months before I need some sort of break from work–either a long weekend or a full week off to recharge.

Christmas was busy. Lots of family, friends, way too much food, and baby time! That was probably my favorite part… getting to love on little G and little R for several days on break was definitely an added bonus. Baby Fever is no fun, but playing with someone else’s babies for awhile helped a little. One half of my set of in-laws actually got to come down to my side of the family’s Christmas dinner, since I was helping out there all day (two birds, one stone, score!)–which was very nice, but boy did we have a packed house! This was also the first year that hubby got to go to my great-aunt’s for Christmas Eve to partake in that bit of craziness too. Not to mention going to see The Best Friend and her pups (this was the first time I’d ever tried to make homemade dog treats, and the pups loved them!)And did I mention, we celebrated our third anniversary! Even if we were snowed in due to a blizzard, so we had to reschedule our couples massage (a gift from my father-in-law).

As usual, food ruled the holidays. One of my favorite parts about holidays and get-togethers is that I can experiment with new recipes to give as gifts. This year was no exception. I made a batch of brownies for some friends of ours (brownies are some of my most well-known and most asked-for treats; I had never made some for this particular set of friends). Their little boy (2 years old), now calls them “wow-nies”. I think that is my new favorite word. I make “wow-nies”!

I loved being home. Even though we live only two hours away from “home” and family and friends… we rarely get visitors. It’s still quite the venture to come up here, so I can’t say that I blame anyone for not coming to see us more often; I didn’t expect many visitors when we finally decided to move. It just makes the occurrence that much more special when we do have someone make the trip up. The only thing that’s not-so-great about being home is being camped out on a tiny bed with Long-Legged Husband, and even that wasn’t too bad.

I have my New Year’s resolutions and goals for the year made out. T-7 months until med school starts, so we need to make the most of it while we can! Traveling and having fun are the most important on my to do list; besides eating healthier (once the holidays are over!) and training for the mini marathon in late April.

  • January: Detroit
  • April: Mini-Marathon
  • May: Memphis
  • June: Chicago
  • June/July: Road Trip
  • July/August: Finish work/Pack/Move/Start Med School

New Year’s was a lot of fun. We spent it with some friends of ours that were sans kiddos for a change (not that I would have complained if they had been there; totally would have sucked up some more baby time!) We played Ghetto-opoly (the ghetto version of Monopoly–guaranteed to offend anyone and everyone), I made my awesome queso–we had way too much food, but hey, the diet didn’t start til after the New Year! 😉 I am really going to miss “friend time” when I’m in school. I’m sure there will be new friends to make, but I know I am going to miss all of these people when I leave. In all honesty, I believe that will be the hardest part. They say the best year of medical school is the year that you are accepted. I’m starting to think that this is why.


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