5 Things No One Warns You About In Medical School

I came across this post today. I think it’s gold. Finally, someone tells the truth!

Action Potential

1. Your classmates’ career choices will depress the hell out of you.  Back in 1st year, I was constantly just in awe of my classmates – everyone had amazing talents or former careers. It’s depressing to remember how excited we all used to be about our future careers as Real Physicians (!) seeing Real Patients (!!).

It was hard to look around the lecture hall without seeing at least one person and thinking “That person is the most compassionate human on earth. They are going to be the most incredible doctor.

Then 3rd year rolled around and after a year of being largely treated like dirt on the wards, those exact same people are – almost without exception – going into radiology, anesthesiology, or leaving medicine altogether for entrepreneurial or non-profit ventures.

i do all this shit for other people and i wake up and i have nothing

And that’s depressing because you KNOW they’re making the right decision. No matter how much you…

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