Narrowing It Down

As this application cycle draws to a close, I believe I have finally reached a decision that I am happy with for school this fall. (Well…. for now.)

This has not been an easy process. Having more than one option is almost a curse disguised as a blessing. Yes, it’s wonderful to have choices, but it is also nervewracking and stressful.

Second Look Day in Iowa was informative and insightful. I think I now have a much better understanding of the school in general, and I’m so glad David got to see it too since this decision directly impacts his life as well.

So, it looks like we have our heading. (Although, I am on the waiting list for the school closest to home… but for now, I’m making plans for the fall based on the current situation.) What’s greater is that I am completely at peace with it. Everyone I have talked to about it has reminded me that this is going to be rough… and I expect it to be. That’s fine. Something I read the other day was, (paraphrasing, so I might not have it exactly correct), “pick your favorite hard.” Because working full time is hard. Being in school is hard. Raising a family is hard. Doing any combination of these is hard. Trying to accomplish any substantial goal is hard. So if it’s going to be hard anyway, and if the time will pass anyway, pick your favorite hard and don’t give up. If I’ve learned anything over the course of this application cycle, that would definitely sum up the experience pretty well.


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