This week has been one of my most productive. Granted, my To Do list is still not where I want it to be, but hey, it’s finally getting to be manageable.

This week at work has been stressful. We’ve been working on a new protocol for months to work out all the bugs and make any final tweaks. Then once I went to run my (very precious) samples, we have some equipment malfunctions that ruined the first two rounds of testing. THANK GOODNESS the last of my samples ran yesterday with no problems, and we finally got results that confirmed that our new process works. Such a HUGE sigh of relief!

Things outside of work are going well this week, too. I’m rapidly getting the paperwork for school completed. And, I just got my last PPD placed yesterday, so that will be done as well. I still need to go through my stuff and make piles for GoodWill, and I’d like to have my manuscript submitted before the move–which means I am still running behind.

We are quickly running out of weekends. Our vacation is getting closer too (YAY!) starting with the first mini-vacation/long weekend next week. I cannot believe it’s snuck up on me so quickly. We’re already looking down the barrel of having to move and starting school, and there is still so much left to do. This really does feel just like the wedding; everything was all caught up until BAM! it’s the day before the wedding. I just hope I can keep myself sane in the middle of all of this and remember to enjoy the summer and my time with family and friends. The countdown is beginning. Soon I’ll have to start looking into getting big boxes for the move. I can’t believe it’s almost mid-May already.


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