May 15th is the day that all US med students, or even international students with acceptances in the US, have to make a decision about which of their acceptances to keep and which one(s) to decline. After today, each student may only hold one acceptance, giving those on wait lists the opportunity to also become medical students in the fall.

The decision has been made. I’ve formally declined all of my other acceptances.

Barring a miracle from the school closest to home (which I am not counting on, and I’m completely content with), it looks like we will be moving to Iowa!

Now that it’s starting to feel like summer and there are only ~11 weeks or so until the move, I’m finally getting really excited. It is happening this time!

So now the real fun begins–a summer of new adventures, moving, and then disappearing into the abyss that is medical school.

It’s about time!


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