8 weeks. 8 short, short weeks left here. 74 days before classes start, actually. And at least two of those weeks will be spent on our vacation.

I had nine months to blow before school started. Where did it go?!

This week has been killer. It usually is. Everyone tries to squeeze in a full week’s worth of research into the four days after the Memorial Day paid holiday. We had ten surgeries on Tuesday, another ten on Wednesday, an immunohistochem staining that takes three days, two days of LMD (Laser Microdissection), two RNA extractions, an inspection… and me trying to keep up with all the paperwork, maintaining our colony, scheduling time slots on machines, and prepping for another round of Flow next week. Coworker Zoya left last Saturday for a month-long vacation to Italy with her husband (I am so super jealous), which leaves another lab a tech short right around crunch time for a grant, so T has pimped me out to their lab for three days next week. On top of Flow. I’m already stressed, so I’ve been trying to label all of our tubes for Flow early. I’ve worked almost 24 hours in two days, and still left before I was really “done” for the day. I went home Tuesday night beside myself because of being tired. I couldn’t seem to think straight, so I went to bed early–after making a fresh batch of brownies for the department pitch-in, of course. Wednesday morning, I wanted so much to just crash & take a nap. We really did cram too much into this week, but it all has went well, I must say.

I am so behind on my stuff for school this fall. I haven’t turned in all of my paperwork yet, but it’s slowly getting done. Last Friday, I nearly had a mini-hyperventalation episode. With everything we’re trying to cram into the last remaining weeks, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Moving, packing, throwing out crap/donating to GoodWill, prepping for vacation, seeing everyone I want to see before we move–it has taken it’s toll on me. I’ve really wanted to finish my manuscript and submit it before the move, but I still have one more book to go through before I give it back to the library. And then fix my citations. Who the hell still uses Chicago Style over APA?! But I digress. Also, I think it’s fair to say that there is no way I’m going to finish all the fun books I still have on my bookshelf before the craziness begins. Oh well. Can’t win them all. I haven’t finished my cousin’s bridal shower gift yet, either… on the To Do list it goes. I’m also majorly behind on blogs. Tonight I hope to transfer pictues from my phone to my laptop so I can crank those out. Someone please remind me. Or better yet, someone please do it for me….

I need a vacation.

Although, I haven’t been a complete sloth. I’ve already got two meetings scheduled (one with a Fulbright recipient!) at my new school. So yes, I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed, I’m starting to panic…… but I am still so very ready to finally get this ball rolling!


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