Bringing It Home

I can’t even believe I can actually write this. They did it!


I went ahead and cancelled our Second Look visit to one of my medical schools so that we could stay home and go to the game. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, but since I had pretty much already made up my mind which school to attend, I didn’t mind getting to stay home. It was SO worth it!

A few days before the big dance, I heard that we had tickets, so I looked up where our seats were. Upper deck. Nosebleeds. Really?! I had thought that the teams that were actually playing would have cheer sections for fans closer to the court… but in the big picture of things, I guess it didn’t really matter. We had the privilege of even getting to go see our team play, so that was good enough for me. Until we got there. That’s when I realized exactly why we were that far up… nearly the entire Borden community swarmed to Indianapolis for the game, and we sitting that high up because we completely packed the stands! It was incredible to see that many people from my small-town-USA hometown. I saw family and friends that I hadn’t seen in years; there was a sea of red and black, and decades of letterman’s jackets came out from hiding. (I left mine at home; I didn’t want anything to have to carry into Banker’s Life Fieldhouse when it was going to be packed.) I’ve been in this Fieldhouse so many times–Pacers basketball games with my family, Jeff Dunham concerts and Cirque du Soleil with my husband, a recognition event for winning the Linda Craig Memorial Scholarship–but I never in my life thought I would get to watch our homegrown boys win a basketball title there.

Our guys led most of the game. The whole week before the game, I hadn’t let myself think about them actually winning the title; having so much pressure on them to win had to be stressful. I just prayed for a good game and no injuries. They led at halftime, and at the start of the final quarter was when I first thought that they just might actually win this thing. As the clock counted down and the rival team, Triton, was slowly creeping closer to leading, I was so nervous for them! But when the time ran out and our guys lead by 5 points, the entire Borden crowd was on their feet. I never would have believed that little bitty Borden would have ever won a State Championship Title, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! The entire town is so very proud of these guys. (Since then, the guys have gotten their championship rings, and I’ve even got to see/hold/wear one for a bit! So cool! Thanks Coach Ray!)

Never thought I'd see my high school team playing in this arena!
Never thought I’d see my high school team playing in this arena!




Final score!
Final score!







Back at home in the gym.
Back at home in the gym.
Loved seeing this on the school's sign.
Loved seeing this on the school’s sign.

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