The novel coronavirus: 9 things you should know about MERS

The infectious disease nerd in me is excited –and yes, still a bit scared– by this newly-discovered virus.

Global News

TORONTO – The World Health Organization is calling it “a threat to the entire world.”

And with good reason: the new SARS-like virus, named MERS-CoV, has now seeped into a handful of European nations, with 51 lab-confirmed cases, and 30 deaths.

It’s been over a year since the first few cases of the disease were identified in Amman, Jordan. In the past few weeks, it’s gained in speed: over the weekend, three more people died from the new respiratory virus.

Global News takes a look at the novel coronavirus that has scientists anxiously watching its next move.

The first cases appeared in Jordan and Saudi Arabia

In April 2012, the first cluster of two cases – both fatal – tested positive for the coronavirus in Amman, Jordan. By October 2012, a second cluster that included four family members was identified. In that case, two people died, according to the Centers…

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