night sky

In my field, noise has another few names: background, junk. When we’re looking for peaks in a set of readings, we only want the significant ones, not all of the little ones. We ignore those. They are nothing. Useless.

Lately, I’ve been tuning out the noise.

I used to get up and turn on the news as I got ready for work. I can’t stand it anymore. Some guy jumps out of a boat to ride a whale shark. A weatherman, poor guy, has a case of the hiccups throughout a 3-minute weather story (and the CNN anchors waste 10 minutes talking about it). Celebrity so-and-so messed up (again). And this is newsworthy?! I think not. It’s noise. Junk. Useless.

My radio’s been off too. There is so much loveliness in quiet.

And, I have got to get out of the city. It’s driving me bonkers. I abhor all of the rude, selfish, dangerous drivers on the road. I am not surprised that there are so many “accidents” on the roads. I’ve stopped turning on the TV when I get home from work. I’d much rather put on some soft music instead. And honestly, I’ve been a lot happier that way.

We went camping a couple weekends ago (and I mean “camping”, very lightly) on my mother-in-law’s farmland in southern Indiana. With hills. And white-tailed deer. And it was quiet. So quiet, in fact, that was therapeutic for me. I hate, (hate, hate hate,) being woken up my the firetrucks in the station behind our apartment. I absolutely do not mind whatsoever being woken up by great-horned owl hoots, coyote pup yips, or a field mouse scurrying alongside our tent. It was the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages. It was so tranquil, so peaceful. So much like home.

I love the sounds of home. The horses playing, the fireflies/lightning bugs, birds’ chirpings, and the clean, clean air. Therapeutic, I tell you.

On my way home from work today, I ventured to turn on the radio just the once, mostly out of habit… and quite fittingly, Skillet’s new song “American Noise” was playing.

I need out of this city. Soon, so very soon we finally get our great road trip adventure we’ve been planning for a year and a half. I can’t wait to get “lost” in the mountains, feel the heat off the geysers, see animals I’ve seen with my own two eyes, stargaze…. I cannot, cannot wait. 7 more workdays til our trip. Only 17 more until I am unemployed and once again a student. If nothing else, I know what I want in my forever home. I used to think I could be a city girl; there is absolutely no way on earth I could give up the quiet for the noise.


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