Our Great Escape

We leave in the morning for our 2013 vacation! I am so excited! There will be plenty of updates with pictures, so stay tuned while we go “get lost”!

Monday we got our first choice in living arrangements in Iowa (YAY!). Tuesday I finished my cousin’s bridal shower gift, which is being taken to the shower for me since we’ll be deep in the heart of Yellowstone’s caldera by then. Wednesday we packed and attempted to get ready for the trip and the move. Today I mailed my brother’s 21st birthday present (yep, we’re missing that too).

This week at work has been draining. In addition to regular lab stuff, we (not me) decided to run two sets of surgeries and two sets of Flow in the four days I was working. Let me tell you, this was SO MUCH FUN.

Today was an adventure. My boss’ wife was in a car accident yesterday afternoon (she’s fine; the car, not so much), so I was going to be on my own for the harvest in the morning, with backup from M. We decided to start at 9am. Starting at 9am generally means getting there 8am to help prep. M didn’t decide to show up until 9:15am and then acted like we had never done this experiment before, so I had the privilege of starting out my day grumpy, stressed, and fatigued. I’m not quite sure what her problem was today, but somehow she managed to screw up our timeframe even though we cut out 3hrs from our original protocol. It was definitely not our best day in lab, and this definitely wasn’t how I wanted to spend my last day working with M. I was not full of grace today, unfortunately. C’est la vie.

But, there is lots of good news. By God’s grace, my To Do list (including school stuff) before the trip is completely finished, which is nothing short of miraculous. I finished going through two books I needed for my manuscript, and they have been returned on time (by the skin of my teeth). And I’m working on a few other things that have great possibilities. (If you submit a piece for publication, and within 24h you have a connection request on LinkedIn by the Editor… is that a good sign, or kinda creepy?!)

I am so ready to leave this mess behind, not think about moving or med school, and just get lost in the mountains. I think I am most excited about seeing the stars a lot more clearly than we can see them here. We’ve been planning this trip for a year and a half.(Well, really, David’s done most of the planning.) Happy second wedding anniversary to us!

Are we there yet? 😉


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