Baby Steps

To me, the perfect job would be:

Seeing patients on a daily basis (hopefully, as a neonatologist); sitting on a bioethics committee; teaching fellows, residents, interns, and med students; giving talks on my areas of expertise; conducting basic science and ethics research; working on public health and policy projects; working in global health; and writing/publishing articles and books about my work.

Yes, that’s a lot. But, I’ve always been the Queen of “And.” One of my mentors told me, eons ago, that “You CAN do it all… Just not all at once.”

But, I’ve got to start somewhere.

Recently, I’ve had an awesome opportunity fall into my lap.

Although I’ve mentioned before that SDN can be a lot of hassle if you just read the premed forums, the articles that they post have been very informative and helpful. I’ve saved and printed several of them for future reference. While I’d love to be able to write helpful articles like that, I never thought I’d get the chance to do so, not even knowing how to get started to search out an opportunity like that. Until now.

I’ve accepted a position to serve, on a volunteer basis, as a member of the Student Doctor Network Editorial Board.

As such, I’ll be reviewing and editing articles for content and relevance for publishing on the site, as well as writing articles myself.

I’ve got to start somewhere. =)


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Congratulations! I look forward to reading some of your articles and hearing more about your experiences on the editorial board. And I love the “Queen of ‘And'” title 🙂

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