Major Change in Plans

So I got a phone call today, which totally turned my world upside down.

It was from the Admissions Office at the medical school closest to home.

Guess who just got accepted!

It is so much like my alma mater to show up late to the party AND mess up my plans. I mean, come on. I applied in June 2012 and they are just telling me TODAY, JULY 16th, that I’m welcome into their class, and I’ll need to have my butt in class on August 5th.


I do not know what to do. I had put it out of my mind months ago that being accepted to this school was even a possibility. When I got my waitlist email, and later when they told me what # I was in the waitlist line, I cried, sucked it up, and moved on. I’m so happy with my current school… except for the 10hours-away-from-home thing. Don’t even get me started on the whole “MD vs. DO” thing, either. I can’t go wrong with either. I just wish someone would make this decision for me, and quickly.


3 thoughts on “Major Change in Plans

  1. Being ten hours from home is HARD – I know because that’s my distance! Difference is there isn’t a good med school in my home province so I did not really have a choice.
    What does your gut say? I would say that being close to home is important, but so is what you WANT. It sounds like you really wanted this school though. So, from an outsider’s POV, it sounds like it would be a good idea to go to this school (also, CONGRATS!).

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