A Messy Anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary, and it is a mess. But really, was I expecting anything different? No, not really. Especially not with the events of last week.

Over the weekend, we went home and attempted to find a new place to call home. I never realized this about southern Indiana, but no one will show apartments/houses/condos/townhomes/whatever on the weekends. They only show during business hours during the week. So that was pretty much an omen that we were screwed. But, we will figure it out. For now, we have a temporary plan.

Saturday came with a bit of a surprise. Since I originally wasn’t going to be home for David’s birthday, I had been planning a surprise birthday dinner for him for several weeks. After the big news and deciding to come home for medical school, I got lots of phone calls/texts to see if we were still planning on the surprise dinner this weekend. I chose to keep the date, since it was already planned, it was too late to cancel, and I’ll be deep into the semester when his birthday comes around.

The surprise couldn’t have gone better. David’s family was there before mine, and we brought along my great aunt as well, so as we were walking up with her to the restaurant, my father-in-law was holding open the door. When David saw his dad, he asked me what was going on. So I told him, “Surprise!” as we entered the building and he saw his whole family (and mine) there. The look on his face was priceless, and exactly what I was hoping for.

I would do anything for that face.

So we had a nice dinner, and it also gave us some time to relax after all of the craziness of the week. We also had dinner with friends the next night before coming home, so overall I’d say it was a great weekend!

And then we came home. And packed. And God bless him, David loaded up the car with all of our heavy books that night to take down home.

I wasn’t planning on going home last night, but things that I don’t plan on seem to be the norm these days. But it was fine, we unloaded the first round of boxes and then set out to go back up home and do it all over again.

So this morning, our first home is a mess. I hate messes. But this is a huge, huge mess. I know it will all be okay, I’m just not sure how all of this is going to work, and I just hope it works somewhat smoothly with this short notice. I am looking forward to heading home after work and having a nice dinner out with my husband to celebrate a wonderful two years of marriage and many, many more crazy adventures. Who knew this was going to be our future?

Maybe someday I’ll get to type up my journal and post more pictures from our trip. I miss being that relaxed, that’s for sure! I am just ever so thankful that UofL did not call while I was lost in the wilderness without service!


2 thoughts on “A Messy Anniversary

  1. I’m in a very similar situation. My wife (married 2.5 years) and I are buried in boxes at our current home, getting ready to move 4 hours away from our family to begin medical school. The last few weeks we have been driving all over the Midwest on last minute “adventures”. Good times.

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