First Day

Today was full of many firsts. I got to class early to shove my spare set of anatomy scrubs into my locker and drop off brownies in my unit lab. Our ICM (Intro to Clinical Medicine) instructor is awesome. He references movies that I like, and he’s just plain funny. I think we’ll get along famously. Histology was a bit different. Even after spending a large chunk of my last day of summer printing off the notes listed for that day, I somehow still ended up with the wrong ones, which proved to be annoying but overall, not bad. Anatomy lecture proved to be my favorite part of the day (and I am SO THANKFUL that I have already taken anatomy before now… it is already making a big difference), and is now the frontrunner for my favorite class so far, just because I enjoy the material.

Anatomy lab: Oh my goodness. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. It is so much hard work, and today was not even my day to dissect. Our group had some issues and we were a bit behind, but I stayed late to help the guys finish and clean up. There were just so many firsts. And it totally blew my mind. This is going to be a wonderful, hard semester, and I am already learning stuff that fascinates me. I have already learned so much in a very short amount of time.

The one thing I noticed that I had not thought about yet was the volume. For our first day, I thought that the amount of material was fair & appropriate. It didn’t really seem too bad to me, and even now doesn’t seem overwhelming. (No tears yet! Goal #1 accomplished!) Although, after Histo, I heard two classmates discussing how much material the class had covered, that basically we’d cover a whole semester of Cell Bio in three days of this lecture. Since I never took Cell Bio in undergrad, I cannot comment on that, but it did not seem like the amount we covered was unreasonable. (Maybe I’ll feel differently after I review the notes immediately after posting tonight.)

So at the end of this first day, I am very much enjoying being a medical student. I can tell that even though the schedule doesn’t look too terribly bad, the labs may regularly take a longer amount of time than I was originally expecting.

And don’t get me wrong, I’d love to still be here, soaking up every single ounce of summer:



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