First Week: Rookie Mistakes

Friday couldn’t get here soon enough this week. By Wednesday morning, I already felt like it should have been Friday. I’ve been so tired since then. Overall, though, it’s been a great week.

So far, I love my professors. One class is still being a bear, but I’m hoping to get a better handle on it this weekend. So far, I love medical school. Love, love, love it. Even though it is hard–not overtly difficult, just so much all at once and it just doesn’t let up. But I love the material, I love the thing I get to do now, and I love how now I finally have access to the experiences I’ve always wanted. Today we had a clinical lecture about the placenta in Embryology… whoa. I loved it! (And Embryo in general. Imagine that, a hopeful future pediatrician loving embryology.)

Yes, it’s been wonderful. It’s been a learning experience. It’s been hard physical work. But I have made my first rookie mistakes (I’m sure there will be plenty more, and soon). I’ve already lost my water bottle (and then found it), forgot my badge at home one day (not that big of a deal, but still), and broke the cardinal rule of emailing the entire listserv when I meant to just email the original author (Whoops! But I am not the only one who has done this this week!).

On Tuesday of this week, we had ICM lectures on how to take an H&P (history and physical) and write SOAP notes of the visit. The very next morning, I was in the first group to practice with a patient without guidance (basically being thrown overboard). Naturally, I was incredibly nervous but also incredibly excited. I thought the short visit went well as we were progressing, and I was really proud of myself for being so confident–no stuttering, no shyness, go me! Until my patient told me everything I did wrong. Whoops–so much for my confidence. Learning curve! But hey, with less than 24hrs notice, I don’t think I did too terribly bad. I am definitely excited to get more experience with interviewing patients for their histories! (So if anyone wants to be a guinea pig for me to practice on, by all means volunteer! I don’t bite!)

We had our first graded quiz today too, using the new exam software. We were able to use books, notes, labmates/friends for the quiz, and I thought I had a good handle on the material immediately before we took the quiz… but WOW did I ever get confused with 26 other voices in the room, and I definitely have a lot to study/memorize/learn this weekend.

Today was also the first day that our administration mentioned the two dreading things that we as first years aren’t supposed to concentrate on just yet–Boards and The Match. That definitely got my BP up, even though I know my job right now is to just learn how to study and to pass. (Even though I guess I do have some gunner tendencies due to being Type A, and still would like to Honor each class if I can.) As the saying goes, P = MD… but the corollary is P =/= Neurosurgeon. Not that I have any intention on going into neurosurgery, but hey, aim high, right? Strive for excellence, not perfection! šŸ˜‰

So that was a wrap-up of my week. Not bad, considering I thought it would be a lot worse (Goal achieved! No tears for the whole first week!), even though we already have a REVIEW session in Histo tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am. Living the dream, so to speak! =)


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