Just a Daydream

This week has been much rougher than I expected. We’ve had a LOT of lecture time this week, especially in Histology, and our first sets of real exams are quickly approaching. Of course, we have the three-day holiday weekend coming up, and the weekend after that, I am a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding (and I am so freaking excited to be a bridesmaid for the first time!)… which means I am trying to not just catch up but to actually be ahead and on top of everything before then before the exams begin immediately afterward.

This is the fourth week of school, and incidentally it was also the first day this semester that I’ve cried. Four times today, actually. I had forgotten the charger to my laptop this morning, on the day of our first small group presentations for embryology that were at the very end of the day after a long day of Histology lectures and a lab period. Our test after the presentations were taken online, so I was already stressed about hoping my battery life would get me through the day. Today was not one of my better days, but I made it through it.

I have been looking forward to the weekend since Monday, because then I’d have uninterrupted study time. It’s sad, yes. But, I’m living the dream.

I love school. But, it is also driving me crazy. When I do sleep, I’ve been dreaming of Yellowstone, and to be completely honest, I feel like I am missing out on great adventure every single day that I am not there. So in the ten minutes that I have opted to take a break from studying, I’ve chosen to write this little note and daydream about how wonderful Yellowstone is. Can’t I just go get lost in the woods again?

Old Faithful at sunset
Old Faithful at sunset

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