“Life has to Win Sometimes”

One of my favorite quotes from Dr. K this week was, “Life has to win sometimes.” This was in reference to work/life balance in med school and beyond.

So maybe this wasn’t the smartest idea ever for a first-year medical student, but I had an entire day reserved the weekend before the three-day onslaught of our first exams. But, it was for a good cause.

I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding.

Totally worth it. My cousin only gets married once. And I had agreed (jubilantly) to be a bridesmaid a full year and a half earlier, well before I even knew I’d be in school again. And for nearly a year, I thought I’d be driving home or catching the red-eye the night before from Iowa.

Everything worked out. We got our hair done. We put on pretty dresses. Kelly was a beautiful bride. She said “I do.” We danced. We laughed. My husband even put on a suit and danced with me in public. At 1am on Sunday we crashed from exhaustion.

And somehow, somehow, I passed all of the exams anyway. =)



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