Halloween Week

The week of Halloween was our first full week of school after the second round of exams, as well as our first week of Neuroscience. After reading the syllabus for Neuro, I was a bit concerned since it said that last year, 2-3% of the class failed it–so for our that, that would be around 3-4 people. This was the first class that has actually told us that some people have actually failed before, so I do NOT want to be one of those students. Not to mention, we had our first test after the first week of classes, a pretty quick turnaround, and not much time to process everything.

Since our curriculum is only pseudo-systems-based, we’re on head and neck in Anatomy, Embryology, and ICM in addition to starting Neuro. So naturally, this is the week we get to take home our real human skulls to study. (Mine looks like a “her”, so I named her Sally.)

Brains and real skulls during the week of Halloween. The irony and creepiness is not lost on me. Would Hamlet have been a good costume this year?

Our school did host the annual Cadaver Ball, a Halloween costume party. I didn’t get to go, as I had already booked my shifts in the ER for my pediatric research (and I even recruited my first patients for our studies!). It was awesome seeing some of the kiddos that came in during my shifts (although some of the horror stories that came in were sad). There is just no doubt that Peds is for me.

Thankfully, the first Neuro exam went extremely well. Although, dissecting the face yesterday has got to be one of the most gross things I’ve ever done. I will be so relieved when Anatomy is over in December, and as long as I pass, I will never have to do this again. (What a shame that I used to love Dr. G Medical Examiner and thought about doing a rotation in forensic pathology… not anymore.)

Overall, though, October has been a very good month for us. Now there is Ecuador to plan for, I met with my Peds mentor, my essay was published, my birthday was a success, and a few opportunities have came up with one of my organizations. Medical school has been awesome so far, and I’m fairly confident I’m off to a good start. Things just keep getting better, although I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.


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