I’ve hit a snag.

So far, we’ve had a two-day school week, a four-day school week that included 13 lectures and an exam, and we just finished Day 1 of the third week and our second exam of the semester.

I already look a bit rough, and we just came off of break! And, I’m exhausted. While studying for today’s exam, David and I had the chance to go to Indy with my parents and brother; so I got to go out to eat, see a Pacers game, and have some time to relax. Yes, I still studied. (The glamorous life of a med student, I tell ya.) BUT BUT BUT we got to stay in Indy overnight, and I’m not sure what type of bed that we had, but that was my best night’s sleep in forever. I’ve been dreaming about that bed ever since.

To finish out this week, we have three days of case presentations (mine’s on Wednesday, so guess what I’m doing as soon as this is published), and on Friday we have a shorter presentation in the morning followed by the NEURO FINAL Friday afternoon. I am almost done with Neuro! Thank goodness!

We’re only 7 school days into the semester and I already feel like I am a subpar medical student, friend, spouse, mother-to-be, and human being. Here’s to hoping that finishing Neuro, having a long weekend, and starting Biochem and Physio are more fun than this week has been.


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