Wonderful Day

What’s this? TWO posts in ONE week?! Thursday was just that wonderful, I had to share.

In addition to the wonderful thank you note I received in the morning, it was also St. Baldrick’s day at our school. St. Baldrick’s is a foundation that raises funds for pediatric cancer research. Participants raise funds in exchange for either donating their hair to make wigs, or (what is encouraged) shaving their heads. There were raffles, donations for crazy ideas to cut into the haircuts, calls for audience members to come down and donate hair, etc. We had a two-hour time block reserved just for this event so that everyone could go and hang out (with free food, of course). This event was great fun! It’s not that often that school has an event where we can all go, enjoy each other’s company, have a good laugh, NOT have to study, and just have a good time. (And of course, raise funds for a great cause!) It really refreshed my soul–exactly what I needed.

We did make local TV, too: UofL Students Shave Heads to Help Childhood Cancer Research

I also had a great research shift and got a ton of studying done! For once I felt like I rocked this whole “being a med student” thing, even if only for a day! (Most days, I just feel like I’m treading water, trying to stay afloat!)

In other news, I got some great news on Thursday too! The Global Health Distinction Track is officially back up and running, better than ever, AND I was accepted into it! Plus, my mentor is a neonatologist with an interest in international pediatrics! (Hello, can I just have your job?!) I can’t wait for my first meeting with my mentor so I can pitch my research and travel ideas to him to see where I can go from here. I am beyond excited about this!


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