“Snow” Day!

I forgot to post this a few weeks back… whoops.

So the past four days, I’ve been studying for our neuro exam on Monday, knowing that this big snow storm was coming through. Various weather reports were expecting anything from 3-8 inches, and I couldn’t have been more excited for some snow. (Since I’m no longer on break, of course it would snow!)

Have we gotten any snow yet? Nope. Just lots and lots of rain. Friends’ pictures from farther north show almost a foot of fluffy, pristine snow. I’ve been missing my former city lately, and they are absolutely getting pummeled up there… and every single storm so far this winter, we’ve been missed.

So I am not going to study any more neuro (I’m not particularly loving neuro anyway), I’m going to work on a few of my own projects instead, which are more fun.

Campus is closed anyway… With wind chills the lowest they’ve been in nearly 20 or so years, I for one was nervous about falling on ice, given my injury from last January is only just healed. So I will just stay home under my heated blanket and be thankful for this “snow” day.


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