Valentine’s Party


As a part of the SMILE program, the other volunteers and I put together and staffed the annual Valentine’s Day party for the heme/onc ward at our local children’s hospital.

It was so much fun. We had food, decorations, crafts, games, face painting, and gift bags for the kids. It did my soul well to see so many happy, playing kiddos. One would even show us his breakdancing skills. Our party didn’t last long, though; we had to break down our party stuff so the staff could set up for another child’s End-of-Chemo party. We later learned that another one of our kiddos was getting an End-of-Chemo party during the same week. If that doesn’t warm your heart a little, I don’t know what will!

Physio has been quite the challenge for me lately. There seems to be SO MUCH information, and so many interacting mechanisms that it’s difficult for me to see the big picture so far as to how it all fits together and how I can pinpoint what mechanism is the actual cause for a given symptom; so taking an hour out of my day to see some kiddos laugh and play really put a different perspective on my learning and study skills, and why I’m trying to learn all of this. Today, overall, was a very good day.


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