23 Weekers

We have our first big physio exam tomorrow, and all day today to study for it. So naturally, I am camped out in the library with enough provisions to last me a week. It’s about time for a quick lunch break though, as I’ve made a lot of progress already.

A few weeks ago, I shadowed again in the NICU. There always seems to be a few 23-weekers on the floor; it’s an incredible feat of medicine and miracles that we’re able to sustain such tiny, tiny bodies that are on the brink of being able to survive outside the uterus. As we were rounding on a few of these little guys, I couldn’t help but worry about my own little bundle of joy, just a couple weeks younger than these babies in their isolettes. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have a baby that early, with the complications that come with it.

So now that I’m in the library trying to study, and this little jellybean is messing with my concentration by kicking me to his or her heart’s content, I just hope this kiddo stays put for several more months.


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