That One Time My Accidental Abstract was Accepted

I really should just rename this blog “A Major Change in Plans”, or just learn to keep my mouth shut.

I realize how blessed I am; I realize that I have a great family, the best friends, and a wonderful husband. My baby is “perfect” and healthy. I realize that I am, indeed, living every aspect of my dream all at once. I realize that every day that I’m in medical school is a privilege not to be squandered.

When I’m overwhelmed, it can be hard to remember all of that. But God has a knack for stepping in when I least expect it and totally rocking my world.

Yesterday, my plan for today was to work on some writing, clean up the apartment, and maybe read ahead in physio. So, not really doing much, and taking things slowly.

Weeks ago, an hour before the deadline, I submitted an abstract to a conference. I really thought there was no way it would be accepted, so I didn’t put much time or effort into my abstract and just kinda forgot about it. I thought there was no way anyone would take interest in my abstract, especially since I just kinda threw something together. Until last night, when I got an email that my abstract has been accepted and I am to present it at the University of Texas Medical Branch National Student Research Forum in Galveston. I hadn’t even thought about when this conference was; I really thought it was over the summer. Nope! It’s next month. (Holy crap!) And my 15-page manuscript is due on April 1st. (Holy crap!)

Ummmm… so… yeah. That happened.

After checking the date of the conference and comparing it to my school schedule, there was a conflict. I have a Biochem exam the first day of the conference. But, no worries! I immediately emailed my professor who has approved my request to take the exam early.

Holy crap! This just might work out after all.

So I guess today I need to focus on getting everything ready for the conference, including booking a hotel and figuring out what paperwork I need to fill out (some due before the 18th!), including getting this manuscript polished (after sitting on it for so long). I guess this is the kick in the pants that I needed!

This is my first solo project/presentation. Internally, I’m kinda freaking out. So much for my Spring Break being calm and relaxing.


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