Another Day in the NICU

Since I had some free time over my Spring Break, I managed to snag another day in the NICU.

I love this place, the NICU. Yes, there are lots of really sick babies. But it also represents innovation, hope, persistence, and to me, miracles.

There, I sat in on my first critical care conference with the “circle of life” (med students to residents to attendings) that were involved in a very difficult case. I observed while the attending talked to the family about the possible treatments for their baby. I learned so much in this session, especially about compassion, support, and nondirectiveness. What I love about this particular set of physicians is that, no matter how busy the unit is, when they are interacting with the patients’ families, it’s as if that is the only thing on the agenda for the day.

That, I believe, is my utmost goal (other than being damn good at my job, in general): make them all feel like they are my only patient for the day.


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