Tomorrow is finally Friday.

I cannot even tell you how excited I am.

We usually only have one mandatory event to attend each week, if we’re lucky. But for the past two weeks, we’ve had at least one mandatory event–PBL, TBL, patient interview, exam, something like that–every single day. I am exhausted. My brain is confused. I can never seem to sit down and concentrate on what I need to get done, because there’s been something extraneous to review or sit through that interrupts my focus.

So tomorrow is Friday, with a golden weekend afterward. We have an 8am mandatory graded event, and then I am off to Cincinnati for a global health conference with two classmate friends. This is my reward for surviving these two hellacious weeks. I am so excited for Friday, but am so exhausted that I can’t even expend the energy to be happy about it.


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