Countdown: 5 More Weeks

As long and grueling as this first year of medical school has been, I can finally see that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel… and only 5 more weeks until I’m there!

We have a massive Physio exam on Monday afternoon, so that has been consuming all of my time lately, including this entire gorgeous spring weekend. This weekend is also Thunder Over Louisville, which kicks off the Kentucky Derby Festival shenanigans for the next three weeks. Personally, I’m not that excited about Thunder itself, since I’ve lived in this area for most of my life and if you’ve seen one Thunder, you’ve seen them all. Not to mention, Louisville likes to shove Thunder/Derby down everyone’s throats for months and it ends up ruining wonderful weekends like this one with traffic and hassle.

But anyway, back to my massive Physio test: Physio is cumulative at my school, so instead of just studying three chapters (which is enough information for any one brain to hold), I also have to know the previous four chapters cold for this test…. Seven chapters, or nearly 1400 pages of notes, for a 100-ish question exam that should take 3-4 hours to complete.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

As soon as this exam is over, I need to finish my poster, have it printed, get ready for my presentation in Galveston, and catch up on Biochem in time to take that exam early so I can even go to this conference.

Thank goodness there are “only” five more weeks of this craziness left. This pregnant lady could use the mental break, and the time to get ready for Ladybug’s arrival. (In case I didn’t mention it, over Spring Break we found out that baby is a girl, who– still — does not have a name yet, so her nickname for now is Ladybug.) She has a crib and a dresser and a ton of clothes already thanks to both grandma’s, cousin Kim, and me. We’re having a family cookout instead of a traditional baby shower the week after school lets out, so I am really looking forward to seeing all my family and having some fun since I feel like I’ve been in a med school exam black hole for so long. Not long after that I start my Externship and then we’ll be a family of three. I am so looking forward to summer!

It doesn’t seem real that I’m almost a “rising second-year”… and it still doesn’t feel real that after all of this I will actually be a doctor. It’s a bit surreal.

There’s been some other exciting developments lately, but those will have to wait for another time.For now, though, it’s back to studying so I can be a Physio Queen and demolish this exam on Monday. I hope everyone else gets to enjoy this gorgeous weekend!


3 thoughts on “Countdown: 5 More Weeks

  1. Hi! This is super random and I don’t know if you do these, but…I hope you don’t mind that I’m nominating you for a Sunshine Award!

    If you want to accept/participate, the link is here!:

    In the meantime, I wish you the best in physio (and all your other exams)! You’re almost there! Just keep on truckin’! (Make sure you still give yourself little pockets of time to take a breather so you can hold onto your sanity!)

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