This is What Med School Does to You

This semester we’ve had genetics, and nearly every other section in Biochem and Physiology has a section on pregnancy and all the bad things that can happen.

Being pregnant, it’s hard not to worry about Ladybug when every day we’re learning something new about things that go wrong.

So yesterday (or was it the day before?), while sitting in class and learning (once again) about Newborn Screening, I had the following thought: Ladybug, I can’t wait til you get here so we can find out what’s wrong with you.”

WHO THINKS THESE THINGS?!?! It’s disturbing. So far, at every single OB visit, Ladybug has been “perfect.” I really hope she stays that way. But this is what you think when you’re surrounded by medical information all day every day.

We are now done with all of our MS1 classes. We’ve had a lot of small things to do this week that have taken a lot of time, which is aggravating. Finals are next week. I’m exhausted. I cannot wait til this is over and I can sleep to my heart’s content for a day or two.


3 thoughts on “This is What Med School Does to You

  1. I like reading blogs of other med students and knowing we are all going through the same thing!!

    One of my med school besties is pregnant and she’s definitely going through the same thing- they don’t teach you the pleasant and wonderful things about pregnancy! Just everything bad, so you can’t help but be wary and pessimistic.

    On a lighter note, I love your blog!! Try to stay positive… the odds are in your favor that she’s going to be 100% healthy!!! Ladybug is a cute nick name šŸ™‚

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