T minus

This summer (my maternity leave) is rapidly coming to a close. I am not ready for this. After several weeks of very few if any emails from school, the onslaught has picked up in the past few days. Tonight I have a meeting for an event for this fall. Next week, the meetings really start to pick up as we prep for the coming academic year. The week after that… is Orientation Week for the MS1s. Today is the one year anniversary of the phone call that changed our entire master plan (as dramatic as that sounds, it’s true). Ladybug is almost 6 weeks old already, and has gained almost 3lbs and 2in.

There is so much that I wanted to finish this summer that I haven’t even gotten to yet. I still haven’t even sent out my thank you cards for the baby shower back in mid-May.

I’ve contacted my mentees for the fall (and beyond), and they seem like good people and are very enthusiastic for school to start. I waiver. I’m so excited to start back and get into the nitty gritty of med education… pathology, micro/immuno, and pharmacology. (You can tell I’m a nerd because these things make me so excited, LOL).

And at the same time, I am scared to death. New mom + hard classes + the monster, Step 1.

The one thing I have gotten done this week is found a daycare for Ladybug. I really didn’t want to have to put her in a daycare, but when our babysitter backed out on us, it really left us no other option. I love being home with her every day right now, but I can barely get the day-to-day house stuff done. I need a routine, and so does she. This way, I hope to be able to focus on school during the day so I can just “be home” when I get home. Second year is much different from first year for us, with block exams instead of individual class exams. I hear we get a week to 10 days off between the last set of notes and the big exam (to prep us for the rigor of Step 1), and as much as I’d love to think I could still study and be at home with her during that week, I really don’t think I would do well. Having a daycare is the best thing for both of us right now… I think. I hope.

For awhile, I was really considering taking a year off to stay at home with her. The more I thought about it though, the more it didn’t seem like that was a viable option. Dragging out med school an extra year?! I’d rather be done and working and moving on with our lives than postponing (yet again) finishing.

I hope these are all good decisions. I really do. As my days off are rapidly running out, I’m getting more anxious because I don’t yet know how it’s all going to work out. I guess all I can do is wait and see.


One thought on “T minus

  1. I thought second year was, by far, the most difficult year. It’s another grinding year of intense studying and classes. And on top of that: Step 1.

    I recommend purchasing either Kaplan or Doctors in Training if you feel that you need a structured outline/course to guide your studying for Step 1. I completed Kaplan’s course and did really well! The course made Step 1 feel more approachable for me. I fell asleep every time I tried to study First Aid independently (haha).

    Also, I highly recommend Pathoma – awesome study aid for pathology! The material is all integrated so it helps connect physiology, some pharmacology, and microbiology into the pathology, too.

    I know this is all unsolicited advice but to be frank, I had never felt so burnt after second year. But do not fear: third year, even though still exhausting at times, is so much better than the first two! You just have to power through this year and you’ll start seeing the finish line.

    Best of luck balancing being a mom and medical student. You’re a power woman! And still try to enjoy your journey along the way.

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