First Assignments

School starts on Monday. This summer went by so very quickly, and I’m not so sure that I’m ready to take on M2 just yet, while at other times I can’t wait. This year should be much more interesting since what we’re studying is directly relatable to the clinic: Micro/Immuno, Pharmacology, and Pathology (and more ICM). And then there’s studying for Boards, Step 1, that I’ll take next May/June. There’s been lots of talk of studying for Step, and this week we’ve received our first emails about classes, including having RedMed up so we can see our class schedule and syllabi.

And then we get an email that says this:

“Well, you thought classes start on Monday. Not so.”

Those are exactly the words you want to hear during the last week of summer.

So, we have a preclass quiz to fill out and return. Luckily for me, I’ve already read parts of the texts for this year, immunology included (gunner move, I know), so I’m not worried about it, but still… really?!

Also, for ICM this year, we have to do so many hours of precepting (just like last year) but we also have to go to a few community health-type of preceptorships, with the option of getting two of them done over the summer. I gave up a day of my summer (on our third wedding anniversary, of course) to go to two of them, a rehab center and a domestic violence/sexual abuse center. Both of these were great experiences and I’m definitely glad I got them out of the way over the summer. Yesterday, they sent out the evaluation forms for the two preceptorships… which are more like quizzes than evaluations, but at least they’re short.

Here’s to being able to fire off these three short assignments, start some Pathoma, and finish these last articles and my manuscript in the last 4-ish days before M2 starts!


One thought on “First Assignments

  1. If you need any resources or anything, let me know! I might be able to dig up some stuff for ya! :] I found Pathoma to be really helpful during the year, and (if I’d had the time and if my school’s courses hadn’t been all over the place…) First Aid would’ve been awesome to use to follow along with the courses. I would definitely, definitely recommend getting a question bank of some kind (my friends really liked UWorld) and to start early! Even just 5-10 a day and then going through the answers + explanations would be super helpful. I also like advocating for firecracker because it kindasorta forces you to know the material. That was also super helpful to use in terms of following along for each subject/course. (And not to sound like an advertisement or anything, but if you decide you like it/want to try it, I can get us each a free month with a referral link, har har.)

    Sorry for the ginormous essay! Best of luck to you on this upcoming year! You’re gonna be absolutely awesome! :]

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