First Day Back

My first day back to the grind went fairly well. We came back to a renovated building; it hardly even looks like the same school, so there’s a lot to get used to. There’s also a lot of new faces around campus, with the new MS1s and now new professors.

The day started by dropping off a huge batch of brownies to the unit labs of my College (what says “welcome” or “welcome back” better than baked goods?!), gave my extra scalpel blades to my two mentees, then finding a seat in the brand new lecture hall that is all tricked out with the latest technology. The part I like the most is that now I have an actual desk during lecture. This year is definitely going to be challenging. After our lectures, we had a block of time reserved just for studying Pathoma. I actually like the lectures and the book for this segment of classes, but it’s also early in the semester, so we’ll see if that changes. (I really want to be good at pathology… it’s so interesting!). I came home to a very happy hubby and baby, which was wonderful. Everyone was wondering how little Ladybug was doing, and I loved being able to show her pictures to my classmates. Another good thing about today–I checked on both of  my mentees and they both had a good first day. The day is now ending with a horrible migraine. Just my luck, trying to be a good student and I can’t even start due to a headache.

Also, today was also my first blood donation since getting pregnant last year. It feels so good to be helping people in that way again. I’ve already got an appointment for my next donation. Here’s to hitting the two gallon mark this year!

I felt more like myself today, being able to go to class and just concentrate on school stuff for a change (not pregnant!). The part of this year that I’m not really looking forward to is having to observe an autopsy. I really, really thought I was done with the emotional turmoil of the gross lab as of last December, but I didn’t know we had this responsibility for pathology. Like everything else, though, it’s a learning experience and I’m excited to see what I can glean from it, especially after reading Death’s Acre this summer about the Body Farm.

Now that my first day is over, I think my jitters are already gone. I’m not nearly as anxious as I was yesterday, and I’m really excited about some new opportunities that are in the works that I can share soon!


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