There are some days where I absolutely love where I am in my life. Some days, it’s hard to see the big picture. Some days, I’m just exhausted. Most days, I feel like I’m not being a good student, wife, mother, or all three. And then there are days where David shares a project he’s been working on–a massive spreadsheet with every residency program in my desired (for now) specialty, cross-referenced with programs that have my desired (for now) fellowship, listed by state, and whittled down by what states we’d consider living in. It makes a world of difference knowing he believes in me even on my off days where I can’t think long-term. I love him so much. I couldn’t do this without him.

And now–back to biostats. I promise I will eventually finish the drafts in my queue. There are so many projects in the works that I am excited to share!


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