Back to It


Break was wonderful–an entire 16 days of forgetting (well, not entirely) that I’m a med student and being able to relax, sleep in, see family, go to a movie, remind my husband that I love him, play nonstop with our baby girl, and overall just having a good time.

Although, there were 4-5 days that were not so great… as the stomach bug, or the “plague” as I’ve been calling it, hit all three of us and we were pretty miserable. I lost 10lbs in 2 days, and not really on purpose… although a great kick-start to my New Year’s resolutions.

Yesterday, we walked the Big Four bridge as a family, had a great lunch at our local Cheesecake Factory, took care of some friends, and totally rearranged our living space (MUCH more room–I am LOVING it!). My pantry is stocked and my freezer is full of prepped meals and prepped ingredients… everything in med school is about efficiency, so it was worth the time I took on break to get organized so I can free up time in the semester.

To welcome us back to the semester, winter decided it was actually going to show up this year. It was a brisk 18 degree F when I got to the parking garage this morning, and now I know what to bring with me to school tomorrow so I can stay warm on campus… for instance, I forgot my earmuffs and my CuddleDuds today… whoops.

Since this is spring semester of second year, I am now focusing A LOT more on Boards in June. The countdown begins, so to speak. So while the stress level may go up a lot, it’s my goal to keep spreading smiles. Happy Monday, everyone!


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