Spring Semester Commences

Hello all,

Spring semester is in full gear now, and with it, Step 1 prep mania has ensued. Our first week back to classes after winter break (which already feels like a lifetime ago), we had three days in a row of exam prep companies trying to get us to buy their products–which led to the (hopefully unintended, yet still unfortunate) phenomenon I was dreading…. white noise and seemingly mild panic. Now what I wanted to return to in the new year. But, it happened. And now a lot of what I’m hearing in passing is “DIT, Kaplan, Step 1, Boards, prep, blah blah blah…”, and it’s really, really getting old. We are +/- 5 months out from taking this exam, and the last thing we need to is start psyching ourselves out already.

But I digress.

We are now a little over a week and a half out from our Block 5 exam, and there are only 7 block exams this year (plus too “shelf” exams, which are more like cumulative, standardized exams, that we take and are must pass for Microbiology and Pathology). Basically, we are in the home stretch of being done with second year.

This is nuts.


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