Spring Break

After much anticipation, my last real “break” before the beast Step 1 takes over my life has arrived.

The past few weeks have been pretty intense. We had our Block 6 exam, which covered four classes instead of three, and we had less time to study for it–it was held on a Wednesday instead of a Friday. This gave us some extra time to study for the microbiology shelf exam that is “must pass” this year, and counts towards the requirement of 70% average on exams for this year. To pass the shelf, we had to achieve a score higher than the bottom 4%… doesn’t sound too bad, right? It still works out to be around a 70%, so we couldn’t exactly totally ignore it.

To add to my already busy schedule, we had to make up LSP clinic time from the snow days. While it wasn’t a big deal, it just added to my jam-packed schedule. We are so very close to being done!

Over the weekend, David and I had an actual date night with just the two of us (not that I don’t enjoy date nights with all three of us, but it was a nice change–and Ladybug’s aunt and uncle enjoyed the playtime), I finished one of my projects, had lots of family time, took Ladybug to her 9mo checkup, and today I have a massage scheduled to work out the stress I’ve built up. It’s been a great “break” so far! The weather has been amazing too, which just makes my soul happy (or is that the Vitamin D?). This weekend, we take off for Memphis, TN on a mini-vacation that includes taking the ‘bug to the zoo for the first time (weather permitting), and I am so excited.

So this is it: Block 7. Endocrine, female pathology, psych. One ICM exam, the block exam, and the path shelf. That is all that is left of my second year of medical school. I have greatly enjoyed this year, sans pregnancy brain, but I am really looking forward to third year and being on the wards, finally!


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