That’s a Wrap!

Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon finisher's medal 2015
Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon finisher’s medal 2015

Second year is over. Done. D-O-N-E, done!

And now the real fun starts: Step 1 dedicated study time. I am thrilled (kinda-sorta not kidding). Studying is going well so far. I’m nearly two weeks in and not totally miserable yet, although I am losing some motivation. Today it has been especially difficult to sit down and focus on the task at hand. I did take the entire weekend after the Pathology shelf (our last exam of second year) off as my “summer” break to spend with the kiddo and the hubby before I locked myself in my Step 1 dungeon. In that short time frame, we saw family and friends, played with the kiddo, and planned the kiddo’s first birthday party.

In speaking of said kiddo, since I started Step 1 studying, she has decided that she wants to try to walk, waves and says “hi”, tries to say “dada”, decided she will try her sippy cup all by herself, and she now likes the snacks I’ve been trying to get her to try now that she got her third tooth in. I don’t know why she decided that my dedicated study time was the time she was going to use to grow up too quickly, but that’s just how it is.

The end of the academic year was madness. Sheer madness. Between a sick kiddo on multiple occasions, and getting into a vehicular accident, things didn’t exactly go as planned. I only got in one full day of studying for the Pathology shelf, but I managed to go through the entirety of Pathoma so I still felt pretty good about the shelf.

Once all of that settled down, the only other “fun” thing I’ve done since school’s been out is to run my second mini (or half) marathon… 13.1 miles for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Half Marathon. David, God bless him, ran it with me so I didn’t have to do it all by myself. I wouldn’t have finished it this time if it weren’t for him; I didn’t get to train for it as much as I had hoped (never enough hours in the day), and so it was a long and slow process…. the rainy day was demoralizing as well, but we finished, and my medal is going to my Medals4Mettle kiddo. At ULSOM, our Medals4Mettle chapter pairs us with a kiddo in the Heme/Onc division and we can give them our medals. It is a great program and I am really glad I decided to do it this year. This was a painful race that has me trying to decide between never running again… or doing a lot more, and more frequently. Today’s verdict is: sign up for more. BUT only if I can train for them better than I trained for this one….

So, that’s it for my short study break. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to my study schedule, so I’d like to continue that streak and finish today’s sections before the kiddo comes home from daycare. See y’all in June!


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