18 Months to Go!


Natalie Christmas Charlestown

Guys! I am now on Christmas Break and third year is officially halfway over. How on earth did that happen so quickly?!

If there is one thing that I learned in med school so far, it’s to always be prepared. Today was no exception. My neuro classmates were mixed in with the peds, OB, FM, IM and psych classmates to talk our shelf exam today. Halfway through the shelf, the NBME (the company/organization that makes the shelf tests and Step) servers went down. Over an hour later, we were all finally allowed to finish our exams. By that time, my brain was no longer in “exam mode” and I was starving, so I have this feeling that the neuro shelf will not be my best. But there’s nothing I can do to change that now.

Afterwards, I rushed home to start baking cookies for the annual Americana Winter Festival where ULSOM has hosted a cookie decorating booth for the kids for the past several years. I made 9 dozen sugar cookies and then rushed all the way over to Americana before rushing back home to take the Ladybug on a carriage ride through a local small town to see Christmas lights and displays. Even if the morning didn’t go as planned, the day was still pretty great, and I am now so thankful for a break for two weeks to enjoy the holidays and visit family and friends. I may even get to update this blog a bit.

A friend reminded me a couple days ago that in 18 short months, we’ll be called “Doctor” and have our MDs. That, to me, is so scary! I’ve learned (and re-learned, and forgotten) so much this year already. The Ladybug just turned 18 months old, and that amount of time seemed to go by so quickly!


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