Psych so far

My last rotation of 3rd year is Child Psych, and let me tell you, it is so much different than everything else I’ve done this year, in good ways and  not so good ways.

The unit is a locked unit, with multiple doors and multiple keys. All trash bags in the unit are paper bags, not plastic. Most rooms with showers don’t have shower curtains. Since most of the kids are school-aged, there are school sessions throughout the day so that they aren’t counted as truant. There is art and music therapy. There is a schedule that is followed every day so the kids have to get up at a certain time, have showered by a certain time, etc.

We start out the day with table rounds at 8am (no pre-rounding). We then go see the kids before art/music/school/drama/the daily activity and go to any family sessions that are scheduled. I think write my notes and we’re usually done by noon or so. Lectures/Grand Rounds/Journal Club is in early afternoon, sometimes from 11-3, depending on the day. In the afternoons, three times a week, we have a clinic. We are either in the child clinic, the suboxone clinic, or the bipolar clinic. Those days can stretch out for a really long time.

During this rotation, we also have three “on call” days in EPS, Emergency Psych Services, and I’ve done all three of my calls. It is so much different than what I’m used to seeing in the day.

There are now only two weeks of third year left. Just two. I don’t feel like I know enough to be a 4th year medical student, but it is coming soon regardless.


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